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Ameo – A New Look At Essential Oils

Zija International began by making history with our line of high-quality health and nutrition products—including drinks, teas, skin care, supplements and shakes—that leverage nature’s most beneficial ingredients.This passion for wellness has since flourished and expanded into Améo. Because our luxuriously pure essential oils are extracted from nature’s most generous trees, herbs, plants, seeds and fruits, [...]


Team Benz Luxury Car Program

  Pat Andersen, Diamond Elite 1 Robbie Davis, Diamond Elite 1 Mike Sims, Triple Diamond Greg Bibb, Triple Diamond Tony Fleming, Double Diamond Ron Golz – Triple Diamond Dale Taylor – Diamond   Team Benz Luxury Car Program – Complete List: Pat Andersen – Diamond Elite 1 Darrell Anholt – Emerald Greg Bibb – Triple [...]


Zija Success Stories

Success Story #1:  Chanequa Thomas 20lbs and 8 inches from hips and waist in less than 30days Success Story #2:  Kendrick Epps Success Story #3:  KD Mckenzie Success Story #4:  Dr. Kecia Ashley Success Story #5:  Shana Rawlings Success Story #6:  Adair Amodio Success Story #7: Bonnie Hopkins  


Zija Events – Archived Videos

- Below you will find highlights of various ZIJA events, click on the link below to watch the video: – 1. This Is ZIJA Today (Thanks To Mr. Karino, ZIJA’s Director Of Sales, Japan for the video) 2. ZIJA Challenge Cruise 3. ZIJA Regionals 4. ZIJA International Convention 2009 5. ZIJA Velocity Tour 6. ZIJA [...]


4 Steps to Success

- Step 1: Watch The Zija Story Video Step 2: Watch The Zija Products Video Step 3: Watch The Zija Compensation Plan Videos Step 4: Watch The Getting Started Video